So Where Can You Have a Beach Bonfire in Los Angeles?

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So a member of our We Like L.A. Secret Group (yes, there is such a thing) asked me today: What are the best spots for a beach bonfire in Los Angeles?

Not knowing the answer straight away, I did some quick research and it turns out there are only two places in L.A. County you can legally do the beach bonfire thing.


The most popular and well-known spot is Dockweiler State Beach near El Segundo (and in very close proximity to LAX) which boasts some 70+ fire pits for your bonfire pleasure.

The second, perhaps slightly less publicized spot, is Cabrillo Beach down in San Pedro (just west of the port). I’ve read there are fewer than a dozen fire pits there (which means if you’re going to bonfire in the South Bay, bets get there early)

And that’s it…

Dockweiler Bonfire
Bonfire at Dockweiler. Credit: Kat Sniffen via flickr

If you’re not satisfied with the choices in L.A. County, your next best recourse is to drive a bit further down to Orange County and scope out some of bonfire possibilities down there.

Among those are:

Remember if you do have a bonfire this summer, please do be safe and, when appropriate, make sure you have the appropriate permits in order.

If anyone out there comes across updates or new information about the availability of bonfires in the local area, feel free to leave a comment or contact us.

And of course, as always, enjoy!


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