So This is Why NYC Makes Better Bagels Than L.A. (According to Science)

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Ever wonder why New York City produces what are possibly the finest bagels in the world (yes, I know this is up for debate)?

Even if that specific question hasn’t crossed your mind, you’ve  almost certainly heard an east coast transplant lament the lack of anything resembling a New York bagel on the west coast.


Well, as far as I knew (or had heard) the bagel disparity had much to do with the water quality (mineral levels and what-not) used in the process the produced the bagels.

Turns out, it’s not exactly the water content, but more precisely the process of pre-boiling the bagels that really makes all the difference. At least, that’s the claim the folks over on the Reactions (produced by the American Chemical Society) YouTube channel claim.

Check out the video below.

[h/t: NPR]


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