10 Best Places to Eat in Hollywood Every L.A. Foodie Needs to Put on Their List

November 22, 2014 by Brian Champlin

If you are anything like the majority of angelenos you may find yourself in Hollywood on occasion. It’s a great meeting point if you have friends scattered all over Los Angeles County, plus the Metro Red Line stops at most points in Hollywood so it’s a perfect way to save on gas and parking.

More importantly, Hollywood has tons of great options for aspiring foodies out there with choices to cater to every discriminating taste bud. Whether carnivore, vegetarian or gluten free, there are plenty to choose from. But where to try first?


Well, we’ve put together this list of the best places to eat in Hollywood to begin to answer that very question. And although we know everyone has their own opinion on what’s best, you can consider this list a great starting point to begin your epic foodie journey.

So let’s rundown a quick list and see if we can spark a few ideas for you.

(And keep in mind, we tried to all recommendations limited to the borders of what is generally considered Hollywood proper. No West Hollywood. No North Hollywood)

Fatty Tuna and Sea Urchin at Providence

Fatty tuna and sea urchin at Providence. Credit: Arnold Gatilao via flickr.

1. Providence

You might as well start at the top, right?

With two Michelin stars Providence is one of the most celebrated restaurants in all of Los Angeles, topping the 2014 list of best restaurants in L.A. from local food icon Jonathan Gold. What you’ll find here is an American seafood restaurant focused on using only sustainable ingredients, always served with the highest level of service and quality.

Into hand crafted cocktails? Providence mixoligists are some of the most talented in the city. And as far as the cuisine goes, it’s hard to overstate the quality. Keep in mind, this isn’t just a restaurant, but more of a food experience (and with a high price point to match).

To have a more immersive experience we suggest going with one of the tasting menus, they walk you through every dish that comes to your table, making the experience one to remember. Lastly, if the spotted prawns baked in sea salt are in season, they are a must-order!

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2. Osteria Mozza

Located at the corner of Highland and Melrose avenue this Italian eatery is the brain child of Mario Batali, Joseph Bastianich and James Beard Award 2014 Chef of the Year Nancy Silverton. Try the grilled octopus, a fan favorite, and if you are a cheese lover order from their mozzarella bar menu. Finish off the meal with dessert like the bomblini the Italian version of a donut smothered in huckleberry marmellata.

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3. Jitlada

The sheer number of options may overwhelm but rest assured Jitlada knows what they are doing. The front menu offers traditional thai dishes like papaya salad (get it with blue crab!) and Tom Yum soup. The white menu located in the back offers southern Thai dishes rarely served in thai restaurants since most thai restaurants serve fare that favors the northern region. Top picks are Crying Tiger (beef or pork), whole fried sea bass with mango, morning glory salad and steamed mussels. And if you’re a Simpson’s fan, you might see several Matt Groening doodles on the walls and tables, (he’s a big fan of this place!).

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Jitlada Mango Salad with Shrimp

Mango salad with shrimp at Jitlada. Credit: TheDeliciousLife via flickr

4. Sushi Ike

Listed as one of our 13 best sushi spots in Los Angeles, Sushi Ike is located inside of a unassuming strip mall. For over 20 years sushi purist have flocked to this establishment for their sashimi and nigari. Chef Hiroshi Ikeda lets the freshness of his fish shine through with every serving. Don’t count on ordering a crazy roll here this place is only for purist who know simplicity is always better.

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5. Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles

No foodie should go without a taste of Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. This location is often packed with celebs and Hollywood partiers but this comfort food spot is unique to this area. The food does not disappoint. Even the pickiest of foodies cannot deny this joint has some of the best friend chicken around. Aside from the chicken their cornbread is tasty too but for my money the star of the show is their buckwheat waffles.

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6. La Numero Uno Restaurant

La Numero Uno is an outstanding example of a local restaurant that combines elements of fantastic food, a friendly environment, and fair pricing. The pupusas are a crowd favorite, and if you’re in the neighborhood and craving an authentic Salvadoran breakfast, this is THE spot to hit up. Only downside? No alcohol served here (but the horchata is bomb!).

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7. Blu Jam Cafe

Listed among our 10 best brunches in Los Angeles, this hot spot is packed pretty much every weekend, and for good reason!. Their motto is “Breakfast should never be boring”. And it definitely is not boring at Blu Jam Café. Their pan-roasted macaroni scrambled with eggs, smoked bacon, ham, garlic, chives, and cheddar cheese is proof. The drink menu is also unique, one highlight being the coconut crème tea. Oh, and there are also vegan and gluten free options!

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Blu Jam Cafe Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict at Blu Jam Cafe. Credit: Blu Jam Cafe via Facebook

8. Locali

The Locali Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich was voted by Zagat as one of the Top 10 Best New Sandwiches in LA 2014. The Baaadasss includes a vegan sausage patty, vegan soy-free cheddar, vegan chipotle sauce, and maple syrup on a sprouted multigrain English muffin. But order early because this sandwich can sell out. Non-vegan sandwiches include the Locali take on the tuna melt called The Silverfin made with wild caught dolphin-safe Yellowfin and cheddar.

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9. Pink’s Hollywood

This comes dangerously close to a tourist trap but Pink’s is well worth the line. Pink’s isn’t your regular hot dog stand. This 75-year-old Los Angeles fixture serves the most diverse selection of hot dogs including combinations named after Giada DeLaurentis (sautéed peppers, onions & mushrooms, chopped tomato, shredded mozzarella cheese) and Rosie O’Donnell (topped w/mustard, onions, chili & sauerkraut). You can even get a vegan dog! Hot dogs aren’t their only specialty; they serve burgers and the most insane chili fry combinations with toppings like bacon, pastrami, and guacamole.

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10. Hatfield’s

The critically acclaimed Hatfield’s is a labor of love for the husband wife chef team of Karen and Quinn Hatfield. Awarded one Michelin Star and a slew of Top Restaurants titles this eatery brings new meaning to New American dining . The mouth watering 36 Hour Slow Cooked Short Rib served with charred broccolini, potato purée, and caper hollandaise is perfection. For foodies with a sweet tooth you’ve come to the right place. Karen Hatfield has an innate ability to translate traditional dessert ideas into unexpected sweet surprises. They also serve a wide variety of sorbet and ice cream here from Mocha Nib Crunch to Pineapple Chili.

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More Places to Eat

Made through those 10 already? Here’s a few more eateries in Hollywood worth checking out:

Marouch (for Lebanese-Armenian)
Best Fish Taco in Ensenada (for fish tacos specifically)
Musso & Frank Grill (for a classic Hollywood Vibe)
The Hungry Cat (for cocktails with your dinner)
Scoops (for Ice Cream)

We know we can’t possibly hit all the best restaurants in Hollywood in just 10 items, so please let us know in the comments below what your favorite spot in the area is so others can add it to their list!