A.M. Brief: Memo Details Why Some L.A. Hotels Didn’t Participate in Project Roomkey

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A memo obtained by Knock.LA is not a good look for some local hotels that declined to participate in Project Roomkey. Also this morning: A new evacuation warning in the Antelope Valley, some disheartening ignorance of the holocaust, and a claim-by-claim rebuttal of the LASD’s take on reporter Josie Huang’s arrest.

Morning News Rundown

When it began in April, Project Roomkey aimed to provide 15,000 hotel rooms for high-risk unhoused individuals in California. To date, a little over 4,000 rooms have been secured in Los Angeles County. One obstacle is that some hotels simply do not want to participate. Knock.LA obtained a copy of a memo written at the behest of City Councilmembers Mike Bonin and Marquis Harris-Dawson, which lists why six hotels (each of which has received public funding or city support in the past) declined to participate. Excuses include generalized “ownership concerns” and worries that project participation would “impact the brand.” [Knock.LA]


According to a nationwide study by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, younger Americans have some serious knowledge gaps when it comes to the history of the Holocaust. Among 18- to 39-year-olds surveyed in California, 59% couldn’t give an accurate estimate of Jewish victims in the Holocaust (6 million is the number). 37% of respondents could not accurately identify which war the Holocaust was associated with. What I really want to know is, who are these 6% of people who think the Holocaust happened during the Civil War?!? Yikes. [LA Mag]

In defense of KPCC/LAist reporter Josie Huang, LAist’s Aaron Mendelson has compiled a point-by-point rebuttal of Sheriff Alex Villaneuva’s account of her arrest. In an interview with KTLA on Monday, Villanueva offered at least five claims that Mendelson describes as “false or misleading.” [LAist]

On Wednesday, firefighters worked diligently to keep the Bobcat Fire from reaching the Mount Wilson Observatory. By late afternoon, improved fire lines allowed evacuation orders for parts of Arcadia and Sierra Madre to be lifted. However, as the fire continues to spread, a new evacuation warning has been given to residents in the Antelope Valley. Officials estimate full containment of the fire won’t be reached until late October. [NBC Los Angeles]

A male juvenile has been detained for questioning over the five-story complex fire in East L.A., which started early yesterday morning. The units at the complex were being built as housing for low-income veterans. No injuries were reported. [KTLA]


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