In-N-Out is Anthony Bourdain’s Favorite Restaurant in Los Angeles

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In a 3 minute video posted on yesterday and shot by The Taste producers Kinetic Content, Anthony Bourdain extolls the virtues of In-N-Out in all its glorious deliciousness.

It is, undoubtedly, a true burger love affair.


In the below video (via Eater) Bourdain let’s us know that In-N-Out is hands down the only fast food chain that he actually likes, then proceeds to breakdown the elements of the perfect burger, layer by layer, to a point that when he’s finishes your mouth may literally be salivating (mine was).

My favorite part: Bourdain says that if he took an Instagram of him, Christopher Walken, the Dalai Lama, and Keith Richards in a hot tub and compared it to the viral success of a simple stand-alone photo of one In N Out burger… the burger wins. And by like a factor of 10.

He finishes it with this ringing endorsement, just as he finishes gulping down another enormous bite.

“There it is, my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles… a city with many fine restaurants by the way.”

Anyways, if this post has spurred you to go out and grab a double-double right now, make sure you check out the complete In N Out secret menu.

Also, if want to watch the aforementioned video you can check it out on



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