Armed Robbers Wearing Monkey and Gorilla Masks Steal Air Jordans From Store on Melrose [VIDEO]

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Why am I having flashbacks to Point Break? 

The surveillance video embedded below, released yesterday by the LAPD, shows two brazen robbers, one wearing a monkey mask the other in a gorilla mask, storming into a small L.A. shoe store and threatening  a clerk with two semi-automatic hand guns while stealing numerous pairs of Nike Jordan Shoes for women.


The incident took place this past Thursday around 12:50 pm. at a small boutique on the 7800 block of Melrose Avenue. Although the store in question was no definitely identified in the video released by the LAPD, a report from the L.A. Weekly suggests that the store in the video is likely Melrose Athletic Supply, which specializes in limited-edition and collectible sneakers.

After the robbery, the pair fled the scene in a vehicle described to police as a 4-door later model gray Nissan Altima with paper plates.

The suspects were described as men  in their early 20s, about 5 feet, 8 inches, 155 pounds.

In the video one suspect wears a gray shirt, blue jeans, light blue gloves and a monkey face mask, while the other is wearing a red shirt, blue jeans, light blue gloves and a gorilla mask, according to the LAPD.

Anyone with information on the alleged robbers is asked to call police at 877-527-324

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