Apparently L.A. Pizza Sucks (At Least, According to the Apparently Kid)

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Some weeks back Noah Ritter aka the “Apparently Kid” basically won the internet for a day with his candid interview with a local news channel (WNEP-16) in Pennsylvania, and his liberal yet charming usage of the the aforementioned adverb “apparently.”

But now Noah has taken his antics too far, daring to assail the city of angels with their “apparent” lack of good pizza, which Noah plainly calls “disgusting” in a recent appearance he did on Ellen.


Well how dare you, sir! Clearly you and your grandpa Jack have never been to Pizzanista! or the Tomato Pie Pizza Joint or Abbot’s Pizza Company or Pizzeria  Mozza or Mother’s Dough or  any other of a number of excellent pizza options available in Los Angeles.

(Curiously, I really do want some pizza now…).

Watch the video of his appearance on Ellen and at the Texas State Fair below (skip to 4:07 to see his pizza comments). And of course, let us know where you like to eat pizza in L.A. in the comments below.

If you’re unfamiliar with the ‘Apparently Kid’ check out the original video that catapulted him to fame below.


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