Lights, Camera, Action – Celebrating Hollywood’s Biggest Night with AT&T

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The following is a sponsored collaboration between We Like L.A. & AT&T

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If there is one word to describe the experience of watching Sunday’s 89th annual Academy Awards that would be it. Obviously the supreme awkwardness of the best picture mix-up at the end will certainly be what most people remember. But the stunning reversal at the finale notwithstanding, there was plenty to entertain throughout the evening.

From unmerciful (but fairly good-natured) tormenting and parody of the nominees to a few extremely moving acceptance speeches, this past Sunday’s affair was a fitting touchstone for people who choose to create for a living.

The fact that we were able to take it all in at one of the most beautiful venues in Los Angeles (ahem… Soho House in West Hollywood) while enjoying a ridiculous food spread and expansive city views was, well, just a cherry on top of the whole experience.

Moreover, it just made us feel grateful to part of a creative community.

We may not be artists on the same level as any of the nominees who graced the stage at the Academy Awards night (or even close, really), but we do get to create for a living. And that makes us, unequivocally, some of the luckiest people on the face of the earth.

Much love to AT&T for inviting us to their watch party. As always, AT&T’s commitment to being a leader in entertainment is never more apparent than in their drive to connect creators and fans with a passion for cinema.

So cheers to the creators, and the patrons who empower them to do what they do.

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