So There’s a Back to the Future Marathon at the ArcLight Next Month

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I had never had the chance to see the original Back to the Future in a theatrical setting until earlier this summer when I was able to take in an outdoor movie showing of the film over at Pasadena City Hall. And let me say right off the bat…. totally worth it.

So what’s better than seeing the 1985 classic on the big screen? Well, how about watching the complete trilogy, all in one night, all at one of L.A.’s premier movie-going spots.


Check it.

Next month the ArcLight Hollywood will screen a triple-feature of all three Back to the Future films, giving fans a chance to experience complete story ‘arc’ (sorry, couldn’t help myself) of Marty McFly’s journey, from his initial transport to 1955 Hill Valley, to a mission to 2015 to help his future kids, to finally going way-way back to 1885 to bring Doc home from the old west.

And of course since it’s ArcLight you’ll get plush reserved seating and be able to partake in goodies from the Cafe & Bar (which you’ll probably need since the runtime for all three films combined is 388 minutes!).

Sound like your kind of thing?

The Back to the Future movie marathon takes place for one night only, on Wednesday, October 21 at the Arc Light Hollywood. First show starts at 4:29pm.

Tickets are $30 for  non-ArcLight members.

The ArcLight Hollywood is located at 6360 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028.



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