Public (Transit) Intoxication: A Map of L.A. Bars Near Metro Stops

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Metro Los Angeles

Who says you can’t use the Metro to barhop in L.A.?


This handy map put together by the folks over at Thrillist gives us a cool excuse to take a trip on the Metro to one of the dozens of bars they’ve listed within a short (less than 10 minute) walk to the stops charted out.

Click through to the accompanying article and you’ll find how they’ve listed out each stop with a zoom-in map, and links to detailed descriptions of the bar.

If you’re familiar with DTLA you might notice that the list isn’t totally comprehensive (probably quite a of a few of your favorite bars missing) and it looks like, in an effort to make it more geographically broad, they wedged TGI Friday’s into the mix along the blue line. But if we’re going to be real, there probably isn’t a soul reading this article who is going to see that ‘bar’ as a destination on a Saturday night.

Also, there is still the matter of getting to the metro in the first place, which may be a challenge if you don’t live in an area connected by one of the major lines, but I do appreciate the effort.

That said,if you do live within a short walk to a Metro stop already, this map and listing will be extraordinarily useful. Or you could always take the bus 🙂

In any case, enjoy!

[Photo Credit: metrolosangeles]

Bars Near L.A. Metro Stops

[h/t: Thrilist]




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