Beachwood Canyon Entrance to Hollywood Sign Trail (FINALLY!) Set to Reopen

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Well, hiking to the Hollywood Sign just got a bit easier.

According to one source the Beachwood Canyon trailhead to Griffith Park, which offers one of the shortest paths to the sign, will be reopened as of this Monday.


View from Mt. Lee
A view from the top of Mt. Lee. Credit: James Gubera via flickr

Joe Salacies with the Parks Department spoke with KPCC:

“It was originally closed because of safety issues. We had vehicle traffic that was going up into that area, and illegally parking along the street, and really up in the park itself, in the canyon, and causing quite a traffic problem that became a safety issue.”

The newly built gate cost the city in the neighborhood of $200,000, and it was only supposed to take five weeks to complete the build, but it’s now been nearly 9 months since it was initially closed. The gate allows controlled access to vehicles, as well as a pedestrian gate for those wishing to walk to the trail.

Salacies told KPCC that while most vehicles won’t be allowed past the gate entry will be allowed for those driving to the Sunset Ranch Horse Stables (and other vehicles with appropriate access). The gate will first reopen for pedestrian access starting at 5am this Monday, Jan. 5th, and will remain open all day during park hours.

Many hikers have been upset at the closure, including Alissa Walker who wrote an opinion piece for Gizmodo back in Nov. expressing her point of view on the state of affairs with the trail. Residents, for their part, had their own side of the story.

Despite closure, hikers heading up to see the sign still had other access points including the the Bronson Canyon trail, which We Like L.A. community members will be familiar with as the meet-up for when we’ve done our previous hikes up to the sign.

Of course, with the shorter trailhead once again open, and word sure to spread fast, expect tons of foot traffic up that way to start the new year.

To all those who choose to take advantage, be safe, and happy hiking!



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