39 Unique Things We Did in 2015 We Hope Will Inspire You To Explore L.A. in 2016

December 17, 2015 by Brian Champlin

2015 was a good year for We Like L.A.

Christina and I accomplished more and explored more parts of Los Angeles than we probably ever thought we would (at least if you’d asked us at the beginning of 2014).


That said, we wanted to put together a bit of a look back at some of our favorite moments from the past 11+ months in the hopes that it’ll inspire a few of our readers to push their experiential boundaries for the year to come.  L.A. is a city just begging to be explored, so we hope that in some way this list helps you answer that call.

Without further adieu, here are just 39 of our favorite memories from this year, all documented via our Instagram.


(Oh, and if you do feel inspired after seeing some of the photos below, I strongly recommend checking out this big list of fun & free things to do as a jumping off point for your 2016 adventures).

1. Went on a late-night donut run

#donuts …. #koreatown style

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2. Took a big group on a hike to the Hollywood Sign.

3. Hung out with new friends at Grand Central Market.

Just some awesome angelenos conversing during our morning meetup at #grandcentralmarket

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4. Hiked to a waterfall (Eaton Canyon to be exact).

Thank you to all the wonderful folks who showed up to our #hike at Eaton Canyon this morning!

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5. Tried MANY new Happy Hours.

Building the perfect #HappyHour plate @plancheck #plancheck #plancheckDTLA

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6. Had an artist write us a poem on the spot at Artisanal LA… “City of Angels”

I told her #cityofangels and this is what @jsuskin created. @artisanalLA #poetryondemand #mydayinla

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7. Saw a musical parody table stage show at The Rockwell (Cruel Intentions in this case).

8. Joined in the Big Parade (takes place annually).

9. Posed for an obligatory “Angel Wings” photo.

Still not tall enough to get my wings 😂 #shortpeopleproblems #collettemiller #streetart

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10. Went to a beer festival at the Rose Bowl.

That's ALOT of #vegans #lavbf @veganbeerfest #mydayinla

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11. Hiked with Ranger Ernie to Amir’s Garden.

Great way to start our Sunday in #LosAngeles #hiking with Ranger Ernie to #amirsgarden #griffithpark #mydayinla

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12. Saw the Queen Mary up close… and the LEGO replica too!

This is what a 25 ft., 604 lb. LEGO replica of the #queenmary looks like #longbeach #mydayinla #legos

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13. Snapped a photo of the Chandelier Tree.

14. Got caught in a rainstorm at a soda festival at Galco’s.

15. Tried some of the most amazing craft cocktails you’ll ever find (thanks Matthew Biancaniello).

16. Had a giant seafood platter next to the sea.

17. Saw free concerts at unique venues.

We nabbed a killer spot. #annenberg #coldwarkids #krcw

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18. Enjoyed the unique public art of Los Angeles.

Kinda gives a whole new meaning to #batman vs. #superman #mydayinla

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19. Walked on the Love Lock Bridge.

20. Saw a replica of the original In-N-Out burger location.

21. Walked some of the secret stairwells of Los Angeles.

22. Went to a BBQ Festival (Long Beach).


23. Took some pictures of balls.

Taking pictures of balls. #macarthurpark #mydayinla #losangeles #discoverla #explorela #welikela

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24. Sampled amazing food at “The Taste”.

About last night… #tastela #thetaste #lafoodie #mydayinla @thetastela

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25. Took our dog Milo everywhere we went (within reason).

26. Went to the re-opening of Clifton’s Cafeteria.

27. Went to an outdoor movie screening.

28. Went to the Eastside Food Festival.

29. Avoided parking tickets (whenever possible).

30. Found (sort-of) hidden gardens in the heart of DTLA.

A (not so) secret Japanese Garden in the heart of #littletokyo #dtla #losangeles #explorela

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31. Had some eye opening revelations at the Last Bookstore

Hmmm I love tacos. Wait, does that mean I'm a dragon?!? 🌮🐲😀#lastbookstore #mydayinla #welikela

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32. Watched the sun go down at the Santa Monica Pier.

33. Discovered some of the best views in Griffith Park (Dante’s View in this case).

#dantesview never gets old. #griffithpark #griffithtrails #hiking #losangeles

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34. Ate chicken and waffles (whenever possible).

35. Saw some of the city’s most amazing Christmas lights displays.

36. Attended an epic tea party (thanks Art of Tea & Elysian).

37. Went to “All Space Considered” at Griffith Observatory.

38. Toured Venice with our friends at Mojo Maps

39. Went to a Christmas Concert at The Bradbury.

Honestly, the fact that anybody actually reads our site still seems somehow miraculous, but the kind notes we get and the positive feedback really do push us to try even harder, do even more.

We’d just like to say that it’s been great our pleasure to explore Los Angeles and inform our readers of the happenings around this amazing city.

We hope to do an even better job in the year to come.

Happy holidays.

Hoping you have a tremendous 2016.

-Brian & Christina