In-N-Out Releases Sweet New Clothing Items Just in time for Christmas

December 17, 2015 by Christina Champlin

The Christmas gift you never knew you needed has arrived.

In-N-Out introduced some very cool swag on their company store shop and now we want ALL OF IT and a side of fries, animal style (obviously).


New items include: white drink cup crew socks, a baseball tee with In-N-Out logo, a solid pocket tee (in black or white) with the red palm tree design associated with their iconic cups, and a “classic and fresh” 2016 edition screen printed tee.

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Two stylish socks…and a great gift for under your tree.

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And here’s a quick screenshot showing what’s being offered at the company store.

in n out store screen shot

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We’re guessing the displays will no longer go ignored due to the very wearable designs. The revamp is definitely a step up from previous updates.

Make a mad dash to your nearest In-N-Out to get your hands on the sweet new gear or opt to shop online at their company store.