9 Spots to Get the Best Pies in Los Angeles (Right Now!)

Pie is a central focus of holiday dinners, but the cravings are different for everyone. There are the pumpkin lovers, the pecan purists, and those that want only apple. But just like the Los Angeles food scene, L.A.’s pie scene (yes, it’s definitely a scene!) is anything but traditional.

For every classic option, there are a myriad of unique and fun alternatives. So if you’re looking to be a little adventurous with this mainstay dessert during the holiday, these LA restaurants and bakeries have you covered. From softserve fillings to heirloom grain crusts, our tip picks for pies are going to be anything but boring.


Keep in mind Thanksgiving is just around the corner and so are most pre-order deadlines so be sure to get your orders in asap. Many places will also have pies available in-store daily.

(Note the list below is in no particular order, numbered only for reference!)


1. Magpies (Silver Lake)

The chef-driven, scratch recipe soft serve shop helmed by husband and wife team Warren and Rose Schwartz create inventive pies year round. A fan of Chocolate? Order the Chocolate Overload Pie a malted milk chocolate soft serve pie layered with fudge and chocolate wafers covered with three different chocolate toppings. Vegans also have options at Magpies, try the Fried Pie made with corn almond soft serve and a graham crust, layered with vegan fudge, honeycomb and topped with rich dairy free whipped cream and fried candied corn flakes.

For Thanksgiving they’ll be offering two holiday specials: Pumpkin Pecan Softserve Pie ($24.95) with pumpkin pie softserve layered with salted caramel sauce and candied pecans, topped with brown butter pecan crumble and whipped cream in a graham cracker crust. Vegan Dutch Apple Softserve Pie ($24.95) with vegan apple pie softserve layered with homemade apple butter and toasted almonds, topped with a marzipan brown sugar streusel in a vegan graham cracker crust. Pies are currently available for pre-order until Tuesday November 21. –> More information

2. Proof (Atwater Village)

Proof Bakery not only offers incredible pastries daily but each holiday season they also have a menu of amazing pies, biscuits, rolls and more. Why have pumpkin pie when you can have Pumpkin Cheesecake with a Cocoa Almond Crust? Why have pecan pie when it can be Bourbon Maple Pecan Pie? Or you can shake things up with a Darby’s Banana Cream Pie. Pre order a pie for Thanksgiving by November 18. –> More information


3. Cake Monkey Bakery (Fairfax)

If you’re hankering for apple, pumpkin or pecan pie, Cake Monkey Bakery makes some of the best variations in town. Their Cider Roasted Apple Pie is unlike the standard apple pie with a cheddar crust, rich cider roasted apple filling, and a sugar crusted top. They also offer a Honey Braised Pumpkin Tart in a Graham Cracker Crust with Toasted Marshmallow Topping (also available gluten free) as well as a Brown Butter Pecan Pie with Toasted Cocoa Nibs.

For Thanksgiving Cake Monkey will offer a Creamy Butterscotch Pudding Pie ($38) in a housemade graham cracker crust, topped with fresh whipped cream and pumpkin seed brittle. It can also be made with a housemade, gluten free graham cracker crust ($42). Pies are currently available for pre-order with 48 hours advance notice, deadline to order is Tuesday November 21 by noon. –> More information


4. Winston’s Pies (Brentwood)

The newly opened Winston Pies in Brentwood serves up a wide variety of pies from fruity to decadent. What sets Winston Pies apart from a typical is the wide variety in pie sizes. Customers can purchase pies by the slice, full-sized, 11-inch round pie ($42), or choose between 5-inch mini pies (from $9), and Winston Pies’ original offering: PieBites ($20 for 20). From classic Pumpkin to their original Cowgirl Pie: a handmade salted caramel chocolate pie with oat crust, you can find a perfect pie for just about everyone. –> More information

5. McConnell’s (Los Feliz, Grand Central Market, Studio City)

Special for Thanksgiving, McConnell’s ice cream shop is making a 9” Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie ($44) at their Los Feliz, Grand Central Market, and Studio City scoop shops. Along with making their ice cream from scratch with grass-grazed milk and cream pasteurized from raw at their very own creamery, McConnell’s bakes their pies in-house and makes everything from toppings and sauces from scratch. –> More information


6. True Food Kitchen (Santa Monica, Pasadena)

True Food Kitchen’s popular seasonal squash pie ($22) is back for a limited time and available for pre-order at their Santa Monica location now through November 19. This plant-based, healthy holiday favorite features a creamy filling of ripe butternut squash and wintery spices like ginger, cloves, cinnamon with a hint of brandy, maple and coconut, all surrounded by a vegan graham cracker crust and topped with vegan coconut-milk whipped cream. Oh and it’s gluten-free too. –> More information

7. FrankieLucy Bakeshop (Sherman Oaks, )

FrankieLucy is a collaborative café/bakeshop owned by Kristine de la Cruz and Annie Choi that blends their respective specialties: custard and coffee. They’ll be offering delectable holiday pie alternatives with their Upside Down Pies ($30 for 9″; $5.75 for 6oz minis) topped with a brûléed graham cracker crumble crust. Flavors inside the pies include Ube (Purple Yam), Buko (Young Coconut) Pandan, Pumpkin, Chocolate, and Vanilla are a sweet twist to a traditional Thanksgiving treat. Some flavor options are also vegan and gluten free. Pies will be available for pre-order until November 19 and daily in store. –> More information


8. Friends & Family (East Hollywood)

Chef and Baker Roxana Jullapat and her team will be whipping up five housemade pies made with market-driven ingredients and heirloom grains, including “Old School” Pumpkin Pies ($40); Classic Apple Pies made with delicately spiced apples ($42); Pecan Pies ($40); Chocolate Chess Pies ($40); and Wheat-free Apple Cranberry Crumbles made with oats and oat flour ($40). You can even add on a pint of fresh whipped cream for $10. Pies are currently available for pre-order along with other Thanksgiving dishes and sides until November 19. –> More information

9. Mr.Holmes Bakehouse (Highland Park)

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, best know for their Cruffins, has added two seasonal pies to their pastry menu this holiday. A Pecan Treacle and a Caramel Apple Tart both for $35.  –> More information –> More information


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