15 Best Places to Eat in North Hollywood Every L.A. Foodie Should Have on Their Radar

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If you have already read our ‘Best Places to Eat in The Valley‘ piece you may have noticed the absence of any restaurants located in the North Hollywood area.

Frankly, we figured NoHo had a rich enough food scene to mandate its own feature, which is why we created the rundown below.


With an eclectic mix of hearty, savory and decadent options for foodies of all dispositions, NoHo is definitely worth a visit even you don’t necessarily live a stone’s throw away from The Valley.

As with any restaurant list there’s no way to make everyone happy so if you have a favorite you think we left off, let us know in the comments below.

That said, here are 15 of the best spots to grab a bite in NoHo.

Let the eating begin!

Eat NoHo Pancakes
Pancakes with fresh berries at Eat NoHo. Credit Eat Noho on Facebook

1. Vicious Dogs

If you’ve ever thought about what a hot dog covered in mac ‘n’ cheese would taste like, look no further than their gloriously gluttonous Mac Daddy dog. Their concoctions are seemingly created with  child-like curiosity developing such favorites as the Hot Chick- an L.A. dog topped with chicken tenders and ranch dressing and their Sweet and Spicy kielbasa link topped with their house made sweet and spicy chili glaze.

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2. Salsa and Beer

Hands-down one of the best Mexican restaurants in the Valley with authentic dishes and hearty portions. Start off with their bean dip and chips and enjoy a Corona before tucking into some of their trademark dishes including their creamy enchiladas and burritos big enough to keep you full for the entire day.

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3. Mofongos

If all you associate with Puerto Rico is Jennifer Lopez than it’s time to try their famous dish-and the inspiration behind the name of the restaurant- of fried plantains and pork paired with arroz con gandules (yellow rice and pigeon peas).

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4. EAT

French toast is always good, French toast covered in frosted flakes is on another level. The café offers other delectable breakfast staples with a twist like their raspberry Nutella French toast. It wouldn’t be a California café without avocados and Ned’s Benedict place them front and center smothered in hollandaise sauce. For a healthier alternative to hash browns they’ve created the delectable zucchini shreds.

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5. Lilit Bakery Cafe

They say don’t judge a book by its cover but you can judge a pastry by its exterior while browsing the desserts at Lilit’s. Start the day off with a pizza of your own creation and cap it off with a Nutella cheesecake followed by a strawberry Nutella croissant cause why not?

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6. Hayat’s Kitchen

Mediterranean staples including shawarma and falafel are obvious choices and don’t disappoint but as it is an authentic Lebanese joint the must-try dishes include their chicken or filet mignon kabobs. Their vegetarian platter is more than enough for two people and includes baba ganoush (eggplant), falafels and stuffed grape leaves. Whether you go green or indulge in their savory meats make sure you pair it with their famous potatoes harra smothered in garlic, red pepper flakes and cilantro.

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7. Krua Thai

Thai restaurants all too common in L.A. but not many serve Pad Thai quite like this. It’s open till 3:30 a.m. so should you find yourself with a midnight craving for Pad See Ew, this is THE spot.

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8. Coley’s Jamaica’s Best Cuisine

When in a Jamaican restaurant do like the Jamaicans and order the spicy jerk chicken with red bean soup and fried corn bread (festival bread) and down it with a Jamaican cream soda.

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9. Lotus Vegan

It really doesn’t get anymore L.A. than vegan Thai food. Their orange (soy) chicken tastes as good as the real thing and is reason enough to keep coming back.

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10. Bow and Truss

This Spanish restaurant, from the owners of local hotspot The Federal Bar, features classic dishes including ceviche and paella but their Caesar salad is a must with grilled romaine and shaved manchego. Their adobo fish taco with jicama slaw is a popular entree too.

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11. The Swingin’ Door Texas BBQ

Talk about a hidden gem, this place is in a gas station lot but don’t let the location deter you, their meat, smoked out back, is the real deal. Whichever is your meat of choice you can be sure it’ll taste like barbeque meat should especially when paired with their spicy sauce. Fried Oreos for dessert are optional but highly recommended.

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12. Chiba

This local favorite is home to the culinary prowess of Chef Shig who is as gregarious and knowledgeable as his food is delicious. If you want to try something off the menu go for the Power Hand Roll made with six types of eggs and avocado served in a shot glass.

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13. Marv’s Deli

This unassuming deli off Magnolia alleges to be the oldest in The Valley, and if Donna is working behind the counter that day, she’ll also be quick to inform you that it’s the best in area (although Brent’s Deli may have something to say about that).  Whatever your opinion, you can be sure that for under $10 you’ll find a massive, juicy deli sandwich (brisket, corned beef, pastrami) that can fill any appetite. Definitely needs to be on any North Hollywood lunch rotation.

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Marv's Deli in NoHo
Brisket on wheat at Marv’s Deli. Credit: Brian Champlin

14. Spumante

This Italian eatery plays around with size serving elephant garlic and pizzas the size of Bagel Bites. The elephant garlic- which is actually a variation of a leek with a garlicky taste- served with goat cheese and pesto is a must-try. They offer gluten-free and whole wheat options but if you want to indulge go for the penne spumante or the pumpkin ravioli.
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15. District Pub NoHo

Also noted on our “Best Bars for Pub Enthusiasts in The Valley“, District Pub offers several adventurous options including their alligator, lamb, and duck sausage while those less bold may just opt for the District Burger with cherry tomato thyme jam and fontina cheese.

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So what do you think deserves to be on the list that didn’t make it? Let us know in the comments below!


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