COVID-19 Self-Quarantine Day 3: If Cabin Fever is the Worst of It

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Morning sun Los Angeles River
Morning sun on the L.A. River. Photo by Brian Champlin / We Like L.A.

Three days into a self-quarantine and I’m already scratching the walls. It poured last night, a torrent that seemed like it could go on forever. But then, just as suddenly, it stopped.

This morning, a yellow sun squeezed between the storm clouds like a long-lost friend emerging from a crowd. Her warm smile and open arms invite me to embrace, but I have to keep my distance. Six feet at least, they say. So inside I stay.


In terms of symptoms, my cough and body aches have eased up. Probably just a common cold, as suspected. That’s some good news. Still, I won’t leave the house—at least until I show zero symptoms for 48 hours, or whatever my doctor thinks is prudent. You can’t be too careful these days, right?

In any case, there are lots of ways to occupy one’s mind, even if you’re stuck at home. Just yesterday, we published a list of 22 Los Angeles-Centric TV Shows to Binge While Social Distancing (shameless plug). Over the coming days, we’ll have more content on a variety of handy topics, including planning home workouts, virtual meetups, and listening to new podcasts. The distractions will find us.

Still, it’s hard not to ruminate on all the friends whose financial lives could be devastated by the events that will unfold over the coming months. I worry about the people I know in the travel industry, media, hospitality, and the restaurant game—all of whom will face massive losses of income. I picture the empty seats at restaurants and the locked entrances at museums. I think of the freelancers and gig-economy workers who won’t have gigs and who don’t have benefits. I wonder about We Like L.A.’s own financial future. I look at the shutdowns taking place throughout Europe and I feel like I’m getting a preview of what’s to come in the States. Not good, Bob.

If cabin fever were the worst of it, then I’d know everything would eventually be just fine. But that’s kind of wishful thinking at this point, right?

I just checked the forecast for tomorrow. There’s a 100% chance of precipitation. Another storm is coming. Or maybe it’s the same storm that’s been here for a while now.

For now, the best thing we can do is stay out of the rain.

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