Tour the Murals of L.A.’s Historic Core This Saturday With the Folks from the Downtown Art Walk

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Have you always wanted to explore the hidden (and not-so hidden) mural work of downtown Los Angeles, but never quite put your plan together?

Here’s your ready-made path forward.


The Downtown Art Walk, in collaboration with the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles, is providing a walking tour of downtown’s historic core where you’ll be guided to dozens of local murals all while learning the unique histories and backstories of the art directly from artists and gallery owners. It’s an awesome chance to explore the neighborhood and gain a greater appreciation for one of the most vibrant artistic hubs in the entire city.

For the uninitiated, the Downtown Art Walk is a free self-guided, public art fest that takes place (normally) on the second Thursday of every month along Gallery Row, a designated 7-block stretch on both Spring and Main streets that spans approximately 7 blocks from 2nd to 9th.

Historic Core Walking Tour Los Angeles
Credit: Downtown Art Walk

What began humbly, with just a few hundred participants some 11 years ago, is now a cultural phenomenon that attracts roughly 10,000 people every month.

This Saturday’s tour is the second of it’s kind being offered in the past two months, and is part of a new set of tour programming being created by the Art Walk, which they hope to continue expanding during the summer.

Downtown Historic Core Art Walk
Credit: Downtown Art Walk

Tickets for the May 9th tour are $15 via Eventbrite. The walk is scheduled to begin at 11:00am at Grand Central Market and should take around two hours.



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