6 Delicious Ways to Celebrate National Hamburger Month in Los Angeles

May 6, 2015 by Brian Champlin

We’re not sure who came up with the idea of National Hamburger Month (or day) but we’re certainly glad they did!

Not only do a few local spots put out special promotions this month to save you some dollars, but many chefs are out there experimenting with new creations, adding menu items, and highlighting the best of what burgers can truly offer. Basically, when burger creators compete, it’s our taste buds who win!


That said, if you’re looking for some new and fun excuses to eat more hamburgers in L.A. (and who isn’t) then make sure to check the rundown below for a laundry list of fresh ideas to put on your radar.

And, as always, enjoy!

Plan Check Kitchen K-BBQ Burger

Plan Check’s K-BBQ Burger. Credit: Plan Check Los Angeles

1. Get Yourself Some 99 Cent Burgers

Best deal of the month? It might just be from Koreatown’s Cassell’s Hamburgers (inside the Hotel Normandie), which will be offering $0.99 burgers on May 8 starting at 11:00am. They’ll keep serving them up till they run out of patties, but I suggest getting there early if you want to partake.

2. Use Your Name to Get a Free Burger

All month long Del Frisco’s Grille will celebrate National Hamburger Month by offering unique burger selections at their restaurants around the county (each unique designed by their resident chef). Locally, the Pasadena location will feature the Chili Verde Burger, which combines slow braised pork, Jack Cheese, and tobacco onions. On the other side of town at Del Frisco’s in Santa Monica they’re featuring something called The Hipster Burger, a blend of double patties, bacon-onion jam, Gruyere Cheese and arugula.

But here’s the really fun part: On National Burger Day, May 28, Del Frisco’s will celebrate the occasion by offering FREE Burgers to those with the initials D.F.G. (or any combination of, with proof of ID). Is your name Daniel Frederick Griffin? Gina Daniella Franciso? Franklin David Goslin? Make sure to get your free burger!

Del Frisco's Chile Verde Burger

Del Frisco’s in Pasadena Chile Verde burger. Credit: Del Frisco’s Grille

3. Try a Fast-Food (Inspired) Burger

Did you love fast food burger chains when you were a kid only to outgrow the craving as you got older? Here’s some fun call-backs that will pair your youthful nostalgia with a bit of updated deliciousness.

At Plan Check Kitchen + Bar  Chef Ernesto Uchimura has created a Carl’s Jr. inspired burger based on his his childhood favorite: The Carl’s Jr.’s Bacon Western Cheeseburger. The result is called the K-BBQ burger, comprised of kimcheese (gruyere cheese processed with wine and dried kimchi for seasoning), Gochujang barbeque sauce, grilled pork belly, sesame salt, fried onions, and sprouting onion. Ummm.. Carl’s Jr. never did it like that!

Over at Abigale in Hermosa Beach,  Chef  Tin Vuong’ Twenty Spot Munchie Box pairs a waffle bacon burger with “50/50” fries and tots slathered in cheese, and served with a Mexican Coke Float. Abigale’s also serves the ‘Mc-Abigaile’ Breakfast Sando Combo #1 with American cheese, housemade fennel sausage, sauce, egg, and tots is a salute to the golden arches breakfast sandwich. Maybe not technically a burger… but that sounds pretty delicious.

4. Fancy it Up

Looking for some next-level burger options?

Try the Fat Dog burger which combines ground sirloin, caramelized onions, shaved manchego & baby arugula on a brioche bun (add a fried egg optionally). There’s a Fat Dog in Hollywood on Fairfax with a new location opening soon in NoHo on Magnolia Blvd.

Speaking of eggs, Eggslut has a pretty fancy little lunch burger featuring caramelized onions,  pickles and cheddar cheese all topped by an over-medium egg. Just be prepared to brave the line!

Lastly, if you’re down in the South Bay, head over to The Rockefeller to try the American Prime burger (the double-stack patties won’t disappoint, according to the LA Weekly).

The Fat Dog Burger

The Fat Dog Burger. Credit: The Fat Dog

5. Try Alternative Patties

Craving something beyond your normal beef patty. You’ve got options.


Plan Check (mentioned above) continues to impress with their sheer burger variety including the Lamb Bacon Burger made with a house-ground lamb patty, the Banh Mi Burger made with house-ground heritage pork, and the Chicken Truffle Mushroom Swiss Burger made with a house-ground Jidori chicken.

Likewise, Shaka Shack in Santa Monica has an excellent selection of non-beef patties to choose from, including ground salmon, turkey, and veggie options like a portobello mushroom patty or the lava bean burger.

Speaking of veggie… if you’re on the vegan/vegetarian side of the hamburger game, then L.A.’s got plenty of those too. Here’s a few spots checking out if ‘veggie burger’ is on your foodie to-do list:

The Park Restaurant (on Sunset)

R+D Kitchen

The Counter

6. Stick With a Classic

Sometimes you just want what you already know… In N Out, The Habit, Father’s Office… the old comfortable stand-by that just tastes like home.

But one suggestion, try to put at least some kind of unique spin on it this month. Maybe you’ll find something you really like that you never bothered to give a chance to before.

My goal: To try at least three new things from the In N Out Secret Menu.

How about you?

BONUS #7: Free Burgers at the Melt

FREE Original Burgers to the first 100 guests at each of The Melt locations to celebrate ‪#‎NationalBurgerDay, May 28.
Lines will form at store opening. One burger per guest. Check The Melt store locator to find nearest to you.

What are you doing for National Hamburger Month? Where are your favorite burger spots in Los Angeles? Let us know in the comments below!