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This is What Epic Drone Footage of the Hollywood Sign Up Close Looks Like [VIDEO]

February 10, 2015 by Brian Champlin

Did you go hiking with us a few weeks back when we went up to the Hollywood Sign? Well you might have noticed some dude with a drone flying it around the Sign and capturing footage from a variety of angles (somehow I missed this).


Turns out that ‘some dude’ is Jens Eser (pictured below) and he got in contact with us via another post’s comments thread, sharing a link to an edit of what he was able to get on video that day.

Flying Drone at Hollywood Sign

Somehow I missed this, but some dude was even flying a drone up there! Credit: Liana

Footage embedded above via his YouTube channel, and yup, it’s totally sick. Have fun trying to see if you can spot yourself!