Essential Workers Can Get a Free 30-Day Metro Bike Share Pass

Metro is offering free 30-day Bike Share passes to all essential workers in Los Angeles County. Apply now through July 31 for unlimited, 30-minute rides and to unlock Electric Metro Bikes for free. The 30-day pass is effective from the date you enroll and won’t auto-renew. 

If you’re not currently a Bike Share pass holder, click here to apply. If you are a pass holder and an essential worker, you can email [email protected] to enroll. If you’re a Bike Share for Business pass holder, email [email protected]

You do need a credit or debit card to enroll. Also note that you will be charged after 30 minutes. To skip that fee, you can dock the bike before the 30 minutes is up and then start a new trip. There is no limit as to how many free, half-hour trips you can take.

Find more information here.


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