So There’s a FREE Pocky Truck Hitting L.A. on April 20 😀 💕

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Surely you’ve seen and/or tried a box of Pocky sticks before, right?

You know, those slim, chocolate coated biscuits you’ll always find at Daiso and other Asian style markets.


Well the original Pocky (accept no imitators!) is the product of Ezaki Glico Co, Ltd, who are now marking their 50th year of producing Pocky for the world.

To celebrate the milestone a FREE Pocky truck has been commissioned and is making its way around the country handing out complimentary boxes of their addicting snack.

And the good news? They’re coming to Los Angeles on April 20!

Shoot, they’ve even creating a video promo (including a pretty damn catchy jingle) to promote.

Take a look…

via Gilco USA / YouTube

Word is the freebie truck will be here from April 20 until May 29, and you’ll be able to find out about upcoming locations by following on Twitter @pocky or adding on Snapchat at pockyusa.

Personally, my preference is the classic pocky with the simple plain biscuit and chocolate combo, but you can now find it in stores stocked in variety of flavors including  Matcha Green Tea (second favorite), Strawberry Chocolate Banana and Cookies & Cream.

Whatever your pleasure, hope you enjoy the truck while it’s here!

[h/t: LAist]


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