5 Things You Gotta Have on Your Radar This Weekend (According to The Influencers of L.A.) 10-30-2015

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Sometimes when you’re figuring out what to do with your weekend, what you really need is just a little help from your friends.

To that end, we asked a few of our fellow L.A. bloggers, podcasters, and social media brethren to help us out with their top picks for this weekend, and then we combined those choices with one pick from both Christina and I.


The result is a quick list of some of the absolutely best stuff happening in Los Angeles over the next couple days.

Hope it helps you find something awesome to do.

Have a great weekend!

Front Porch Cinema
Credit: Front Porch Cinema

1. Ghostbusters on the Santa Monica Pier (Friday)

Kristen Rae Lepore, social producer for KPCC, tells us about we should be playing hookie from work this afternoon to catch the final Front Porch Cinema screening of the season. It is FREE after all … 😉

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2. All Hallow’s Eve at Clifton’s Cafeteria (Saturday)

Picked by Jonathan Bilski, creator of Things to do in LA.

Jonathan says:

“Just stepped inside for the first time and can’t imagine how cool it will look with a costume Halloween party. This place has a 1920’s section on the third floor with the rest looking like it belongs in Disneyland. Taxidermied animals all around with other sights give it a natural place to hold a Halloween party better than any DJ night forced upon LA’s residents.

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3. Day of the Dead Art Tour (Sunday)

Picked by Gerren Kelsaw, creator of the This Is The City Podcast.

Gerren says:

“Art is everywhere around us and this Sunday the free, one-night-only tour will explore artworks along the Metro Gold Line through the lens of artist and poet Consuelo Flores. As a bonus you can come party with us at DTLA First Sundays at Border Grill at 12pm  

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4. Halloween Pack Walk (Friday)

Picked by Christina Minh, co-founder of We Like L.A.

Christina says:

“Because fido probably wants to get in on the Halloween costuming too! Takes place this Friday evening in the heart of Echo Park.”

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5. Boney Island (Friday/Saturday)

Picked by Brian Champlin, co-founder of We Like L.A.

(That’s me, and yup, I’m going to quote myself, hah!)

“Before Halloween is over, be sure to catch this haunted house that a former Simpson’s animation producer spends $12,000 building every single year. Sounds legit! And FREE!”

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If you want a more complete rundown, check Christina’s weekend roundup that was posted up yesterday morning or check out our discount events page for more ways to save money while exploring L.A.

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