LAX Parking Structure 4 Will Lose 88 Spaces to Construction Starting Today

Starting today LAX’s Parking Structure 4 will be short 88 spaces due to construction. The project, which will give the structure new ramps, will continue through summer of 2018, according to City News Service.

This will still leave several hundreds spaces available on upper levels four and five, which drivers can reach by taking a detour through Parking Structure 3, as a bridge connects the two structures.


According to airport spokesperson Charles Pannunzio:

When Levels 1-3 of P-4 are full, signs will be posted at the entrances, and motorists will be diverted to other structures. From the Lower/Arrival Level, motorists can take West Way to return to P-3. On the Upper/Departure Level, motorists can park in P-5 or use the Airport Return ramps past P-7 if they wish to park in P-3 or the top levels of P-4.

LAX Terminal Parking Map

On a related note, this past November 29 construction began on a a two-phase removal of 2,110 parking spaces from LAX at Lot C (which just happens to be the least expensive lot at the airport).

Clutter's Park LAX
Photo Credit: Brian Champlin / We Like L.A.

At the time of the project start date  there was still no word on whether the spaces would return and when the lot’s revamp would be finished, according to an LAX spokesman via the L.A. Times.


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