Malibu Wine Safaris is Launching a ‘Haunted Nights’ Tour Starting This October

September 16, 2019 by Jonathan Tolliver
Photo via Malibu Wine Safaris

Do you like your Riesling spine tingling? Your vino, screamo? Well if you’ve ever wanted to enjoy a luxurious, pastoral wine tasting tour and safari while also living in measured terror, then Malibu Lights: Haunted Nights tour is right up your alley.

The Halloween edition of the uber-popular Malibu Wine Safaris promises “otherworldly dimensions, haunted forests, psychedelic sci-fi tunnels and beyond,” attractions that sound equal parts haunting and picturesque, like watching a scary movie under the northern lights. This sounds like an instagrammer’s dream; your story will be the envy of all your friends.


It all goes down at the famed Saddlerock Ranch, where you’ll ride in a truck to elegant tastings peppered with the occasional spooky encounter. Make sure you hold those glasses by the base, not by the stem! Wouldn’t want to spill your cab during a jump scare.

Tours are 21+ and run you $55 for 90 minutes and six tastings. If you want a little more time on this haunted ChardonnHAY ride, there’s a $75 deluxe option that includes an extra tour stop and two tastings.

These tours run Oct. 4 thru Nov. 3 on select Thursday through Sunday dates. Tickets are available here.