10 Ideal Spots for a Tinder Date in Los Angeles

Hate it, love it, or begrudgingly rely on it, Tinder has become the go-to dating app for singles in Los Angeles (and pretty much anywhere in the world for that matter).

But here’s the thing:


So you’ve finally swiped right and matched with someone who isn’t wearing any fedoras in their pictures, texts with the acceptable amount of emojis, and doesn’t mention the word “basic” once in their bio… now where should you meet?

Well, we’ve got you covered.

Below are 10 perfect Tinder date spots in Los Angeles that hopefully be the ideal backdrop for your soon-to-be budding romance… maybe… possibly…

Ah well, at least the locations will be entertaining!

Turtle Racing Brennan's
Turtle racing at Brennan’s Pub. Photo Credit: Eric Chan via flickr cc

1. Brennan’s Pub (Marina Del Rey)

It still surprises me that a lot of people have not heard of Brennan’s Pub, which is known for its Thursday night turtle races. Take your date to this “chill” pub that boasts a great atmosphere on any day of the week, with live entertainment Tuesday-Saturday. Not to mention some pretty solid drink specials during the week, like $4 Wednesday well drinks.

BONUS: If you do go, I highly recommend going on a turtle racing night. Brennan’s holds a content for the sexiest turtle drop, so if it’s that kind of Tinder date, at least you can see what you are working with.

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2. Bar Lubitsch (WeHo)

Did you initiate your Tinder convo with a joke? Now that you have your date hooked with the fact that you have a sense of humor, let someone else take the wheel (while you think of new jokes). Bar Lubitsch is a Russian themed bar serving mostly vodka-based drinks and a comedy show every Friday night hosted by Peachy Keen in the backroom with some great up and coming comedy talent.

BONUS: Post comedy, the backroom turns into a dance hall that spits out great 00’s club hits until closing time. Laughter + Vodka + Dancing = a second Tinder date.

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3. Rock Climbing at LA Boulders (Arts District)

If you and your match are into extreme sports, then indoor rock climbing at LA Boulders in DTLA might be the best pick for you. You both can have fun reenacting that one scene from Mission Impossible while you climb to the 18 foot walls (sans ropes!). If it’s been a while since you flexed your muscles on some rocks (is that what the cool kids say?) classes are offered to help you brush up on basic rock climbing know how.

BONUS: This place offers the best of the extreme outdoors, all while in a safe facility with instructors around. So if that the dates not going well, at least someone has your back should you fall.

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4. NoBAR (NoHo)

Tinder dates (and dates in general) can add up pretty quickly, so why not go to a place that has decently priced drink specials? NoBAR, which is part of the Vintage Bar Group, has happy hour seven nights a week until 10pm! This dimly lit lounge makes for the perfect backdrop for a first date—especially if your picture is from a couple of years ago (not cool man).

BONUS: NoBAR has an awesome jukebox selection, and a pool table which gives you and your date something to discuss and do just incase the conversation dulls.

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5. The Brickyard (NoHo)

Staying within the NoHo area—The Brickyard is great for showing off your competitive chops! With pool tables, shuffleboard, and dartboards there are tons of games to keep your Tinder date interesting. Plus the social aspects of this bar is on par (rhyming also on par), so if the magic isn’t there, you can always use your fellow bar patrons to help ease the pain.

BONUS: Let us not forget to mention that they offer over 150 beers to try. So who’s really winning here?

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6. Bowling in HP (Highland Park)

Looking for a more wholesome Tinder date? Bowling is always a great option! L.A. has a bunch of great options in terms of bowling alleys for you and your match to check out, but if you want to be on trend then head over to the newly redeveloped Highland Park Bowl (formerly Mr. T’s). The decor will not disappoint, even if your date does.

BONUS: If you’re craving food HP Bowl includes some pretty sweet creations including Neapolitan-style pizzas plus Chicken Milanese, meatballs and calamari fritti.

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Highland Bowl bar area
Another of the bar spaces at Highland Bowl. Photo credit: Christina Minh / We LIke L.A.

7. Harvard & Stone (Hollywood)

Are you going through an edgy phase? Swiping right on anyone who is tattooed, pierced, and has at least one photo of them posing in Joshua Tree? Then I suggest heading to Harvard & Stone for your Tinder date. This multi-roomed two-story bar has delicious themed cocktails, dim lighting, and a dance floor which in my humble opinion are great elements for a first date.

BONUS: On weekends there is a ultra sexy burlesque show—ya know if you want to really set the mood.

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8. Little Tokyo

Bonding over sushi is one of the most magical things two people can do. Why not have your Tinder date walking around Little Tokyo with all their awesome sushi and ramen spots. Plus all the Boba! Not to mention you can totally geek out in all the small shops, and drop some serious anime knowledge to impress your date. NOTE: if said date mentions that they are not into anime, reexamine your life choices.

BONUS: In the center of Little Tokyo there is always some live karaoke happening, so if you are full on sake—step on up and show your date that you can be humble about your awful singing voice. Also, the secluded garden at the Double Tree is a pretty sweet little gem.

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9. Last Bookstore (DTLA)

This one is for the bibliophiles. Geek out over all the awesome selection of reading materials. You and your date can compare favorite authors and show each other a little more insight to each other. They always post cool upcoming events on their calendar so you can plan around that.


BONUS: Low cost ya’ll! AKA it’s free to enter a bookstore. If things go well, maybe you can leave with souvenir of your first date.

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The Last Bookstore
The Last Bookstore. Credit: Brian Champlin / We Like L.A.

10. Your Apartment (Various)

Let’s be honest….the stigma attached to Tinder is alive and well. Half the people reading this list are probably looking for less of a date and more of a…well a good time if you will. If that’s the case, make it easy for all parties involved and have your date come over, just be honest (with them and yourself) about your expectations. You can always start the night with Postmates and then ease into Netflix & chill time.

BONUS: More of a caution than a bonus– obviously always do your detective work before you go over to a strangers house or invite them to yours. The real bonus will be if you hear from them again.

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If you have a favorite place to for the perfect Tinder date in Los Angeles be let us know in the comments below!


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