Yes, You CAN Play Pokémon Go at The Getty Center (With a Few Simple Guidelines)

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Whether you view Pokémon Go as a passing fad or a harbinger of the forthcoming wave of augmented reality entertainment, one thing is for sure: Los Angeles seems to be fully embracing it.

The LA Zoo’s PokéWeek (with discounted admission for Pokémon Go Trainers) is one prime example, and now another of L.A.’s most hallowed institutions is on board (and kind of loving it, if you take a look at their Facebook page)


The Getty Center’s endorsement of Pokémon Go play comes not just from posting screenshots on Facebook, but also via a sneaky addition to their FAQ page, where if you scroll to the bottom you’ll a find a new and important section with guidelines for Pokémon Go trainers to follow.

Can you play Pokémon GO at the Getty Center?

Absolutely. There are even eleven PokéStops and five Gyms on site to take advantage of.

Getty Center Gardens
Getty Center. Credit: Fabio Achilli via flickr cc

Just be sure to follow the following rules and stipulations:

  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Keep a minimum of 18 inches away from artwork.
  • Don’t stop in narrow public walkways or stairways for an extended period.
  • Don’t try to access restricted, staff-only locations.

And yes, I’m well aware the preceding are pretty much in line with common sense, but then again you’d be surprised how uncommon common sense can be sometimes.

Happy Pokémon-ing!



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