So a Walking Dead Spinoff is Going to Be Set in Los Angeles

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Why am I so excited about this? Well the truth is I’ve already invested too many hours on Sunday evenings plopped on my couch watching zombies be decapitated and human wills be exhausted not to care about a spinoff such as this.

Plus… hey… go Los Angeles!


Reports from, subsequently confirmed by Entertainment Weekly, stated that AMC’s top rated Sunday night series will have a new spinoff show and it will be set right here in the city of angels.

Per TVLine:

One of the key unanswered questions surrounding AMC’s in-the-works Walking Dead spinoff — where will it be set? — can now be revealed. TVLine has learned exclusively that the potential series (the pilot of which will be shot in early 2015) will be based in… Los Angeles. Yep, the zombies are going Hollywood.

Downtown Los Angeles on a Cloudy Day
Credit: Neil Kremer via flickr

Now my next two questions are kind of obvious…

Who are they going to cast?

And does it have a chance of not completely sucking?

Time will tell I guess (crossing fingers).


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