Winter Taking a Break Today So You Can Catch Some Sunshine and Go to the Beach

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As we mentioned before the weekend, Los Angeles was expected to see temperatures rise significantly by the start of this week after a brief but frigid storm cooled the region and dropped snow levels below 2000 ft.

And guess what, now it’s happening!


Today is the apex of this super-mini-winter-heat-wave, with clear, sunny skies shining down on us and highs expected to reach the 80s throughout inland areas and the mid 70s along the coast.

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In case you were thinking of heading to the beach, here’s a quick rundown of highs at some of our beach areas:

  • Santa Monica – 76
  • Venice – 76
  • Malibu – 76
  • Hermosa Beach – 75
  • Long Beach – 78

Not bad for January 6, huh?

The short burst of heat isn’t expected to last long, however, as highs are set to slide back down into the 60s as the week progresses.

Los Angeles 5 Day Forecast 1-6-2015

Word to the wise: you should definitely play hooky from work and go to the beach make use of it while it lasts!


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