18 Signs You’re Utterly Addicted to In-N-Out Burger

July 5, 2015 by Brian Champlin

Hi, my name is Brian and I’m addicted to In N Out.

Are you?


Just to sure, here’s a quick rundown of signs and symptoms I’ve found to be common amongst most self-professed In N Out addicts.

Anything sound familiar…?

1. You Know THE ENTIRE Secret Menu By Heart

This is actually no easy feat. Here is the complete secret menu for reference.

2. Animal Style is Not Just How You Like Your Fries, It Describes How You Eat Them

Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

In N Out Double Double

Double Double with fries. Credit: stu_spivack via flickr

3. The Smell of In N Out Remains on Your Hands Days After Eating It…. But You Don’t Seem to Mind

How is it that even after washing your hands 12 times since your last In N Out meal you can still smell the grease on your finger tips? Not that you mind…

4. When You and Your Friends Can’t Decide What to Eat Your Default is In N Out

Finally, something we can all agree on!

5. You’ve Literally Dreamt About In N Out

My experience is this usually happens when you go on vacation and the craving starts to build up.

Good thing they’ve got an In N Out location on Sepulveda right near LAX!

3x3 at In N Out

A 3×3 with animal style fries. Credit: Laine Trees via flickr

6. You Equate ‘Protein Style’ to Eating a Salad

In N Out has healthy options… right?

7. It’s the Burger You Compare All Others Too

In N Out is the ultimate measuring stick. Anthony Bourdain agrees.

8. You Scoff at People Who Prefer Five Guys or The Habit

I notice that an In N Out addiction definitely brings out one’s judgmental side.

9. Any Night is a Good Night As Long As It Ends at In N Out

Just make sure you leave the bar by 1:00am so you can get to the drive-thru before they close.

10. You Put The Spread on EVERYTHING

You’re probably the kind of person who gets extra spread packets so you can use them on everything else you eat for the rest of the week.

11. When Someone Says ‘Meatless Mondays’ You Always Suggest Grilled Cheese at In N Out

This is actually a great compromise.

12. You’ve Left Work Early to Avoid The Drive-Thru Rush

Pretty sure your boss will understand.

In N Out Crowd

Typical crowd at In N Out. Credit: Brent Schmidt via flickr

13. Braving The Dinner Rush Doesn’t Faze You

Even if you can’t leave early, braving the craziness of In N Out at 6:00pm is totally worth it.

14. In N Out is Your Go-To Cheat Day Meal

Diets are for the rest of the week.

15. You Get a Milkshake. Every. Single. Time.

Chocolate? Vanilla? Strawberry? Just get Neapolitan and call it a day.

Summer, the In-N-Out way #realicecream #shake

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16. You Decide Where to Live in L.A. Based on Proximity to In N Out

Hey, this is an important consideration.

17. Your Life Goal is To Have In N Out Cater Your Wedding

Your fiancé probably agrees.

18. In N Out is the #1 Reason You Could Never Move Back East

Great job offer. Awesome pay. Live in the heart of Manhattan. It’s the right career move…

Can’t do it, and we all know why 😉

Are you addicted to In N Out? Let us know about your cravings in the comments below.