7 Ways We Like L.A. is Going to Help You Have the Best Summer Ever in Los Angeles

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Are you hell-bent on having your best summer ever in Los Angeles? Exploring, trying new things, having new adventures and generally getting more familiar with this glorious city of angels?



Just let it be known we’re here to help and guide you through a season full of fun activities and fabulous memories.

And this is how.

1. In The Loop, All The Time

First off, sign up for our newsletter.


We put together a rundown of around 30+ things to do every week (goes out on Mondays AM) and another 30+ for the weekend (goes out Thursdays AM). We even do a special monthly preview a week or so before the subsequent month begins so you can plan more fully in advance.

The whole deal includes freebies, discount offers, monthly events, festivals, shows, concerts, and generally all the kinds of stuff you can only find in a hand-curated list created by real humans (that would be Christina and I).

Oh, and it’s FREE!

Plus, more than 19,000 other Angelenos already subscribe so it can’t be that terrible… *cough-cough*

Bottom line: If you follow the newsletter, you’ll be in the loop.



Might I direct you to our most recent big, fat list of free & fun things to do in Los Angeles?

We just updated it for summer 2015 and it now includes 57 suggestions in all.

Hopefully it’ll be your bible for a summer full of fun (and thrifty) adventures.

3. Discounts YO

Our affiliate friends at Goldstar helped us put together this page where you can browse discount ticket offers from all over Los Angeles. If you’re bored and want to find a unique show to check out (and not spend too much) then make sure to bookmark this valuable resource.

Getty Center Sunset
A glorious summer sunset at the Getty.

4. The We Like L.A. Secret Group

Did you we have a secret group on Facebook where we post event ideas, discuss the best of L.A., and curate more interesting activities to keep on your radar?

Well we do. And it’s VERY easy to join.

Just let us know you want in by navigating to the secret group page and dropping in your email.

5. We’re Interactive

Speaking of interactive, we totally won’t mind if you stalk us on our Twitter or our Instagram and ask us questions about our adventures and travels. In fact, we’d heartily encourage it.

So click the follow button, @mention us a few times and see what happens!

6. Real-Life Meet-ups

What makes all this digital content worthwhile is the whole ‘going out and doing stuff’ part. That’s where our meet-up.com group comes in. Join the group and follow along for unique hikes, happy hours and other local get togethers where you can meet We Like L.A. readers just like yourself.

7. You Have Our Guarantee

We would offer a money-back guarantee… BUT… there’s no cost to utilize We Like L.A.

Just rest assured we’re out there everyday trying new stuff, researching, curating, photographing, enjoying and listifying everything we uncover about Los Angeles. And we hope you come along for the ride!

Now on to the best summer ever!


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