The 13 Best Diners In Los Angeles

You can always count on diners to be there for you on a late night, when you’re suffering a hang over or when you just need a good ole greasy spoon meal.

Some of L.A.’s most classic diners have managed to stay open for over 50 years and newer versions have since popped up from Eagle Rock to Culver City but the formula stays the same; good food, fast service and always filling.


So where is the best diner experience in Los Angeles? We’ve got some ideas, and we’ve listed them (in no particular order) below for your culinary exploration.


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Pann's Diner & Restaurant
Pann’s Diner in Los Angeles. Credit: Sam Howzit via flickr

1. Pann’s

Serving the Westchester community since 1958 this classic “Googie” style coffee shop aims to serve “Just Wonderful Food” claims Geaorge and Rena Panagopoulos the owners. Get the fried chicken its old fashion crunchy tastiness. Did I mention this is where they shot Pulp Fiction? Too cool!

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2. Metro Cafe

One of the fancier American diners on the list is the Metro Cafe in Culver City. They serve up delicious items like sautéed banana pancakes, BLT avocado salad and freshly made crepes. It’s not a greasy spoon to be exact but sometimes you like options with diners.

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3. Pete’s Blue Chip

Locals at this Eagle Rock diner come for the burgers and chili cheese fries. For breakfast get the giant breakfast burrito. The prices are low and the food is good what more can you ask for?

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4. 101 Coffee Shop

Located on Franklin Avenue by Beachwood Canyon the 101 Coffee Shop has been around for decades. Formerly the Hollywood Hills Coffee Shop (where Swingers was shot!) this quite shop tucked away on a street corner is a secret hangout for celebrities living around the area. Order the BLT it comes with thick strips of bacon, they even have veggie options like the Mushroom Taquitos which is fan favorite.

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5. Ronnie’s Diner

Ronnie’s serves up hearty classic American dishes in Culver City. Their menu is extensive so there is something for everyone. They make a yummy french toast I suggest ordering that and for the kiddos order a Mickey pancake!

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6. Nick’s Coffee Shop & Deli

This casual coffee shop serves up traditional American fare for breakfast, lunch and brunch. Order a plate of eggs, sausage and pancakes it’s a classic and in a place like this it’s what the locals come for. As an FYI they close at 3:00 pm everyday!

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7. Rae’s Restaurant

This is an old-school diner is your typical greasy-spoon, the prices are awesomely modest and the food straight forward. People are big fans of the biscuit and gravy. The little diner and we mean little is cash only and there can be a line on weekends.

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8. Fred 62

Many late nights have been spent at this 24 hour eatery in the ultra hip Los Feliz district. The menu might just be the most eclectic menu ever, for 24 hours patrons can get breakfast, burgers, healthy and gluten free options, udon noodles and even banh mi sandwiches.

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9. The Original Pantry

Open since 1924 the bustling cash-only 24 hour diner near the Staple Center in DTLA dishes up bountiful portions of American eats. The most popular being the steak the pancakes are not to be missed they are huge and fluffy made just right.

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Original Pantry Cafe
The Original Pantry. Credit: Brian Champlin / We Like L.A.

10. Sunset Junction Coffee Shop

This neat little joint offers a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Breakfast and lunch are served all day and their pastries and desserts are delivered fresh daily from Susina Bakery. You can order their tasty tater tots with a Junction burger one winning combo!

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11. Nickel Diner

This vintage-style diner serves updated versions of old-school comfort food and inventive desserts. At breakfast order the 5th and Main a spicy BBQ pork hash topped with two poached eggs. At lunch a juicy burger and for dinner the Smac and Cheese with roasted tomatoes and bread crumbs. No matter when you head to Nickel Diner dessert is a must. Their maple bacon donut is their most popular item, they also have variations on the pop tart and devils food cupcakes.

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Nickel Diner
Nickel Diner. Credit: Ryan Vaarsi via flickr

12. Foxy’s Restaurant

Open since 1964 and evolved through the times Foxy’s has a big menu from omelets to Mexican food, the leaning tower of Mexico is pretty awesome! Each table even has a toaster so you can get piping hot toast right that second!

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13. Nat’s Early Bite Coffee Shop

If you find yourself in Sherman Oaks this is the diner to be at! Now open for over 30 years, Nat’s is a great breakfast and lunch spot with reasonable prices. Their corned beef hash and muffins are fan favorites or both with an egg dish and you got yourself a complete meal!

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What do you think is the best diner in L.A.? Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


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