The 30 Best Things We Ate In Los Angeles During 2015

We ate a lot of good stuff this year.

2015 has been one epic foodie adventure at We Like L.A., and we’ve enjoyed trying everywhere from street food to tasting menus, food festivals to even judging a BBQ competition. Let’s just say we lived life to the fullest when it came to dining out.


Now we want to share some of our tastiest moments in hopes to inspire you to explore some of the gems below or start your own food journey throughout the city.

So without further adieu, here is a visual rundown of the best things we ate in the year that was.


(Listed in no particular order, numbered only for reference)

1. The Halo Halo At Nest WP24

2. Discada Tacos At The Briks

3. Fried Chicken & Churro Waffle At Toca Madera

4. Everything At The Eastside Food Festival

5. The Hamachi Tataki At The Larchmont

6. Pork Belly Risotto At Cavatina

7. The Tempura Plate At Otomisan

8. Judging The Long Beach BBQ Festival (Too Much BBQ To Even Keep Count!)

9. Flower Gelato At Amorino

10. Al Pastor At Leo’s Taco Truck

11. Santa Barbara & Japanese Uni At Maru

12. Chili Relleno Burrito At La Azteca Tortilleria

13. Everything At Baroo

14. Falafel Taco At Mexi Kosher

15. Swedish Candy At Sockerbit

16. Fried Chicken Sandwich At Major Daves Chicken

17. Matthew Biancaniello Pop Up AT The Fat Dog NOHO

18. Fried Olives Stuffed Olives At Gadarene Swine

fried olives stuffed olives gadarene swine
Photo Credit: We Like L.A.

19. Fluke Kumquat Sashimi At Sushi Roku

20. The Los Angeles Times The Taste Event (Three Days Of Food From The Best Restaurants In The City)

21. Porchetta Chili Cheese Fries At Stir Market

22. Wagyu Tongue At Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill

wagyu tongue at blue ribbon sushi bar and grill
Photo Credit: We Like L.A.

23. Peppercorn Broiled Fish At Chengdu Taste

24. Seafood Platter At Salt

25. Lamb Osso Buco Ragout At Artisan House

lamb osso buco ragout artisan house
Photo Credit: We Like L.A.

26. Mint Mojito Ice Coffee At Philz Coffee

27. Vegan Jackfruit Nachos At Sage

28. Fat Mary At The Fat Dog

Fat Mary Fat Dog
Photo Credit: We Like L.A.

29. Chile Relleno de Siete Mares At Maradentro

30. That One Time The We Like L.A. Team Did A Tasting Menu At Umami Burger (9 burgers, 9 drink pairings and fried apps!)

Umami Burger Tasting Menu
Photo Credit: We Like L.A.
umami burger tasting menu
Photo Credit: We Like L.A.

What did you eat in L.A. during 2015 that you absolutely loved? Share your pick in the comments below!


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