12 Awesome Places to Eat in Culver City You Definitely Gotta Try at Least Once

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If you’re down to hang out on the westside of Los Angeles, chances are you or your friends will pitch a place in Culver City. And why not? The revitalized downtown area has lots of hotspots for food and drink, some easy-to-use parking garages, plus the nearby Sony lot gives you that cool Hollywood feel.

But it’s not just downtown that has foodies swooning. The New York Times has praised Culver City as “Los Angeles’s newest stylish neighborhood, a magnet for lovers of the arts, good food and culture.”


To that end, we’ve prepped a list of some of the best restaurants and food spots in the Culver City area to consider for  your next foodie adventure in Los Angeles.

Below (in no particular order) is our top 12.


1. Wildcraft

Take your Italian food game to a whole other level at Wildcraft. The Downtown Culver City tavern serves up gourmet red, white, and carne pizzas, along with a variety of decadent pasta dishes. In addition to yummy eats, the restaurant hosts a “scrappy hour” (Monday-Friday 4- 7 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 4-6 p.m.), during which kitchen scraps are used to inspire new cocktails — and you can try ’em for $7, plus other happy hour eats.

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2. Meet in Paris

Avez-vous faim? (Are you hungry?) This delightful French bistro in downtown boasts a hearty brunch menu, All-You-Can-Eat Mussels on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5 – 9:30 p.m., and happy hour everyday from 3 – 6 p.m. In addition to the mighty mussels, Meet in Paris’ menu also features steak frites (steak and fries), fromages (cheese), and Paris classiques like Croque Madame and Crepe Bretonne.

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3. Humble Potato

Don’t let the name fool you. I once went in here expecting a whole menu of mashed, baked, and loaded potatoes, but it’s actually all about the burgers — juicy, delicious, and tripped out burgers and hot dogs with Japanese flavor. You can keep it simple with the Humbaga (which is recommended for first timers) or go hard with the Battle Royale burger.

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4. ChocoVivo

If you’ve ever dreamed of a world of chocolate, this Washington Blvd spot will come close to making it come true. ChocoVivo serves up all chocolate, all the time in the form of hot chocolate, frozen chocolate, chocolate affogato, mochas, and just simply milk and cookies. For an added treat, they offer homemade organic vegan tamales Wednesdays through Sundays. Chocolate and tamales? Sounds like heaven.

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5. Father’s Office

When I first moved to LA, one of my old friends swore that Father’s Office had the best burger in the city. I was skeptical, since I’ve always been partial to In-N-Out burger, but once I tried the Helms Bakery gastropub’s juicy Office Burger, I was totally blown away. It’s a must-eat for any L.A. burger fan. Pair your burger with one (or more) of the many beers they have on tap. Chef Sang Yoon’s other venture Lukshon is right next door.

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6. Lukshon

Asian fusion never tasted so good. Located next door to Father’s Office in the Helms Bakery complex, Chef Sang Yoon’s tasty and generous South Asian-inspired dishes will have you going home with a very satisfied full belly of delicious Hawaiian butterfish, spicy chicken pops, lobster roll banh mi, and more.

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7. Copenhagen Pastry

Culver’s very first Danish pastry shop has residents dreaming about the Kringle, a delicious flaky pastry filled with almond paste and topped with sugar and almond flakes. It’s the most popular of the goodies available at Copenhagen Pastry, but their selection also includes the Copenhagen line (“Sunshine caught in a pastry,” according to the menu), the Nugat Crown, and raspberry macaroons, to name a few.

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8. Bucato

Cell phone photos and flash photography aren’t allowed at this Helms Bakery eatery, so all of your attention will be free to savor the incredible pasta they have to offer. The menu changes often, so be sure to check Bucato’s Instagram account for the latest daily menu for lunch and dinner.

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9. Coolhaus

This ice creamery’s legendary cookie and ice cream sandwiches are available on Coolhaus trucks in L.A., New York City, and Dallas, along with the brand’s brick-and-mortar location on Washington Blvd. Check out unique and cool ice cream flavors like avocado sea salt, Cuban cigar (smoky caramel, salt, and coffee), fried chicken and waffles, cream cheese and rye, potato latke and apple sauce, and so many more. A vast variety of cookies (some gluetn-free) are also available to put yummy ice cream between.

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10. Mateo’s Ice Cream & Fruit Bars

Cool off with some unique cones and popsicles (a.k.a. paletas) at this Sepulveda Boulevard spot. Flavors include horchata, coffee, smoked milk, chili mango, and scalded milk with cactus, among others. LA Weekly named Mateo’s as one of LA’s 10 best places to indulge in paletas, so get ready for a treat.

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11. Samosa House and Bharat Bazaar

This eatery and market on the corner of Washington Boulevard and Overland Avenue has fast and delicious Indian cuisine that won’t break the bank, but will satisfy your stomach. Indulge in samosas, dosas, and combination plates, which allow you to select up to three portions of main dishes and includes brown or white rice, naan or chapati, and raita.

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12. n/naka

It takes about three months to get a reservation this unmarked kaiseki restaurant on Overland Avenue, but oh boy, it’s worth the wait! Once you do get through the door, Chef Niki Nakayama presents a modern kaiseki tasting menu that has blown patrons away with its taste and elegance. And yes, there’s a vegetarian option — as well as optional wine pairing — available. While you await your reservation, check out Nakayama’s episode of Chef’s Table on Netflix for a behind-the-scenes look at n/naka.

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What do you consider to be the best places to eat in Culver City? Let us know your favorites in the comments below!


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