6 Crazy Cool Dessert Spots in Koreatown You’ve Gotta Try Once

Most of us will endure the parking situation in Koreatown when it comes to getting tasty sizzling hot Korean style BBQ.

But after the meal is done and you find yourself in a dreamy post-KBBQ coma, you still seem to have that lingering sweet tooth to satisfy. Lucky for you, K-town is teeming with waaaay over the top sweet courses– especially when it comes to chilled desserts.


We’re talking liquid nitrogen puffs, cotton candy boba drinks and crazy shaved ice concoctions to name a few.

We’ve rounded up some of the strangest but coolest (literally) desserts that Koreatown has to offer, listed in in no particular order below.

Hope you enjoy!

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Mr. Coffee

Looking to share a cold treat with friends? Mr. Coffee has the perfect and massive concoction to do just that. Their bingsu is shaved ice that comes with a scoop of ice cream (your choice of vanilla, chocolate, red bean, and green tea), loads of fresh fruit, some mochi and last but certainly not least– fruity pebbles. It’s a good thing that you’ll be sharing this treat since it adds up to $14, but is oh so worth it. If you are feeling a little selfish, Mr. Coffee also has a mini version. Kudos if you take on this beast alone!

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Chocolate Chair

Game of Thrones fan? We’ve found a dessert Daenerys Targaryen would be proud of at Chocolate Chair, where they have a cold treat called “Dragon’s Breath”. This entails a variety of fruity cereal like puffs that have liquid nitrogen poured on top which freezes them and creates a fog effect. Best part? Putting said puff in your mouth and getting to breath out smoke kinder to a dragon. If the cereal puffs taste a little dry (insert dry ice pun here), you can always coat them with the many syrup flavors like rose to add some wetness. If you’re wondering to yourself if this is safe to consume, there are dangers involved with ingesting liquid nitrogen. Just don’t do the obvious number one danger of drinking the liquid at the bottom!

Watch our friend and fellow food explorer Jean Trinh try Dragon’s Breath in her Instagram below.

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Cotton candy + soft serve ice cream = absolute sugar heaven. The masterminds behind CottonHi do just that by taking soft serve with your choice of toppings and placing cotton candy on top. According to CottonHi, their most popular soft serves are red velvet, mango cheese delight, and tiramisu. Cotton candy flavors include: strawberry, lemonade, double mint, chocolate, salted caramel, and coffee.

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Get authentic patbingsu aka SouthKorean shaved ice in massive proportions. Choose from a selection of “snow” bowls topped with red beans, condensed milk and sticky rice balls. Possibly the biggest shaved ice in town the gravity defying dessert should be shared with friends who are proficient in the game of Jenga and other balancing games.

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Photo Credit: Okrumong Facebook

Meli’s Italian Ice

Founded in 2015, Meli’s Italian Ice takes a traditional classic and pairs it with a custard aka the radio ball. The atmosphere at Meli’s is fun and quirky and their colorful ices match the theme. Let’s also not forget to mention the awesome flavor combos you can get at Meli’s like the fuzzy wuzzy (peach + watermelon). They also have lolly waffles, which are waffles on a stick with your choice of delicious add ons if you want more than just custard.

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Coffee House Heyri

Watermelon is a huge summer time food staple. What better way to enjoy this sweet and refreshing flavor than to eat it out of an actual hollowed out watermelon bowl? At Coffee House Heyri you can enjoy their seasonal (summer only) watermelon bingsoo served in a melon bowl sprinkled with fruity pebbles and topped with ice cream. The presentation is so visually pleasing your Instagram followers will be green with envy. To quote Beyonce, “I’ve been drinking, watermelon” or in this particular case, eating.

Since it’s summer only we don’t have a current pic, but you can see what it looks like here via Yelp.

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