County Dashboard Shows Park and School Closings, COVID-19 Cases

Current park closures. Photo: Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County has a new online dashboard where you can track key COVID-19 information, including the number of confirmed cases, school closures, park closures, and local emergencies. 

You can find the dashboard here. The County uses data from various departments to make each resource.


The first will show you how many confirmed cases, deaths, and recoveries have occurred in California, the U.S., and the world. An interactive map further breaks these numbers down by city or neighborhood. The second will show you areas that have declared an emergency, when that happened, plus a link to the proclamation itself.

The third will show you which parks are open and which aren’t, plus where you can find free snack programs. The last shows you which school districts are closed (all of them) and how many students that affects. 

The numbers may not seem great now and the closures may seem intense. The school district page, for instance, is just one big, red block. But in time, these maps might look a little more optimistic. For now, they’re at least a good source of reliably updated info at a time when we need it most.


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