Hidden Cash is Back This Sunday With a Scavenger Hunt at the Santa Monica Pier

This weekend’s forecast is looking good. Mostly sunny, around 80 degrees with light clouds and a chance of… FREE CASH.

That’s right, Hidden Cash is making its return to Los Angeles this Sunday at the Santa Monica pier with the chance for participants to win up to $1,000.


For the uninitiated, Hidden Cash first came to L.A. in the form of scavenger hunts backed by a Bay Area millionaire Jason Buzi. The premise was simple. Hide envelopes of cash. Tweet out clues. Let people hunt.

In the past few weeks a new iteration of the hidden cash concept has emerged with hunts being organized by someone name Francis Hawke (at least that’s the name of the organizer on the Facebook event and on Twitter posts).

The whole operation appears to be tied to promote a mobile app called Metaverse.

According to this Facebook event page Sunday’s hunt is set for the Santa Monica Pier starting at noon. Scavengers are required to download the Metaverse app if they want to see clues for the cash. Clues will start appearing via the app at the noon start time. It’s also stated that you’ll need to be “close to an experience to interact with it.”

Disappointingly, the app is only for the iPhone, which means Android users will be unable to participate, or they’ll need to bring an iPhone using friend.

As part of the build up to Sunday big prize the organizer(s) have been planting cash in smaller amounts at various locations in Santa Monica.


While it’s pretty clearly it’s all a big marketing ploy for the app, who are we to argue with free cash?

Good luck to those on the hunt.


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