These New Metro Safety Videos Will Scare The Living Daylights Out of You

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Welcome to Metro’s Safetyville, where hopefully the population won’t include you.

“Safetyville” is the yellow, stick figure-filled fictional world in a series of animated Metro safety PSAs released this week to demonstrate what kind of calamities can happen around Los Angeles trains if you’re not alert.


Each video begins with a cheery voice saying the phrase, “It’s a beautiful day in Safetyville,” and then proceeds describing a common L.A. public transit situation (like taking the Metro to the beach, because Angelenos can totally do that now). But everything doesn’t go according to plan — in fact, each video soon takes a much darker turn.


You guessed it: Safetyville isn’t all that safe, but actually pretty deadly.

Each Safetyville character meets their demise by not paying attention to oncoming trains, being distracted by cell phone posts, and even getting decapitated by a train’s closing door. And you thought not being able to find parking was a killer.

The videos have a wry, yet you-better-watch-yourself tone that’s reminiscent of Virgin America’s old flight safety video and a 2012 Melbourne Metro safety video called “Dumb Ways To Die,” which went viral a few years back and actually served as an inspiration for the “Safetyville” PSAs, according to Metro.

Last month, Metro expanded its reach to Santa Monica on the Expo Line, increasing interest in train travel. But these videos are a chilling reminder that even though you might not have to worry about traffic or crazy expensive parking fees at the beach anymore, you still need to stay alert, be present, and look up from your phone once in awhile. Staying safe is where it’s at.

So far, Metro has released six “Safetyville” videos to their YouTube channel and I suggest watching each of them until the end so you can hear its killer (ahem) pun.


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