News Brief: Dodger Stadium To Be Vote Center For November Election

August 14, 2020 by Brian Champlin
Angels Point at Elysian Park
Credit: Erick Who? via flickr cc

Don’t want to vote by mail this November? You can always go to Dodger Stadium (seriously). Also on the docket this morning: a memorial for a murdered Compton teen, waivers for in-classroom learning, and illegal trash dumpings are on the uptick. Finally, a delicious Balinese-style street food option for you to consider. First, some news.

Morning News Rundown

You can’t go to Dodger Stadium to watch a game this year, but you can… vote there? Yesterday, the team, in coordination with the County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk and California Secretary of State’s office, announced that Dodger Stadium will serve as a voting center for the November election. And yes, parking will be free. [MLB]


Semaj Miller was 14 years old, 6’6, and loved the game of basketball. But before he could even begin his freshmen year at Compton High School, he was shot and killed for unknown reasons on July 29. A crowd gathered at Compton City Hall on Thursday to celebrate his life and mourn his passing. [L.A. Sentinel]

Sheriff Alex Villanueva said he’s going to suspend or fire 26 deputies involved in a brawl during a 2018 party at Kennedy Hall in East Los Angeles. The melee was allegedly instigated by members of the Banditos, a private gang of deputies (similar to the Executioners in Compton) who operated out of the East L.A. patrol station. The district attorney had previously declined to pursue the case due to insufficient evidence. [Los Angeleno]

You might be under the impression that most of the state’s schools will start the year sans in-person instruction, but it turns out that state guidelines do allow schools to apply for a waiver to reopen for classroom learning, even if a school is within a county (like ours) that remains on the state’s COVID-19 watchlist. Waivers can only be granted for elementary schools and only after review by local public health officials. The case rate in L.A. County remains too high, but some counties are eligible. So who’s applying for waivers in Southern California? Well, there’s a map for that. [LAist]

Social distancing on public transit is kind of a big deal right now, but how do you avoid a crowd if rail or bus is your only option? Well, a new feature on Metro’s official app gives you an estimate on bus ridership levels and seat availability at any given time. Neat! [We Like L.A.]

Trash city? Last year, Los Angeles received a record 123,000 calls by citizens complaining of illegal dumping in their neighborhoods. This year, with the pandemic in full swing, it looks like we’re going to break our own record. Through the end of July, we’ve already had 71,973 service calls for illegal dumping, according to data from 311. [Crosstown L.A.]

Holy heatwave, Batman! Triple digits temps are expected to hit many parts of SoCal over the next few days, and that’s definitely not helping the current wildfire situation. As or this morning, a brushfire in Azusa has taken over 3,000 acres (0% contained) and the Lake Hughes fire has now burned 11,000 acres (12% contained). [ABC 7]

Later today, the California State Historical Resources Commission will consider 15 nominations for federal historic designation and 13 for state historic designation. L.A. County has a few locations up for consideration, including several nominations related to the Chicano Moratorium, a national protest movement against the Vietnam War. [We Like L.A.]

Well, That Sounds Delicious

It feels like new eateries are a thing of past, right? Some relic of a bygone civilization. But the truth is, there are new options opening up, sometimes in the most unexpected places. Writing for L.A. Taco, Wilder Shaw reports on two sisters serving tropical street food out of their Glendale driveway. Specifically, Celene and Tara Carrara make bungkus, a Balinese-style coconut rice wrapped in banana leaves. Mmmmmm… [L.A. Taco]