Studio City ‘Pulp Fiction’ House Up for Sale

Jimmie’s house in ‘Pulp Fiction’ Photo: The Agency

Quentin Tarantino has often set films in the Los Angeles area, most notably Jackie Brown and Pulp Fiction. One Studio City home used in the latter 1994 crime drama is on the market for $1.395 million, Curbed LA reports.

As you may recall, Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson) and Vincent Vega (John Travolta) have an unfortunate accident while driving. They arrive at their pal Jimmie’s home in their very bloody car and ask Jimmie to help them get rid of a body. Jimmie, played by Tarantino, offers them coffee before yelling at them about how they need make this entire situation disappear before his wife Bonnie returns from her late-night nursing shift. So, they call Winston Wolfe aka The Wolf (Harvey Keitel), known as a ‘cleaner,’ to make their problems go away.


The listing references the home’s role in the film as Jimmie’s house as a selling point. There are even a few pieces of Pulp Fiction artwork in staging photos; one shows a pop art piece featuring the two iconic characters holding bananas instead of guns on a hall wall.

Otherwise, it’s a fairly ordinary home, built in the 1930s, with lots of natural light, three bedrooms, two baths, and a garage. The kitchen has since been painted a brighter white, and the patterned wallpaper from the film is gone. It appears the washer and dryer are still behind bi-fold, louvered doors, with cupboards overhead, and a hood still looms over the counter. It also appears one of the bedrooms still has the very charming window seat where Wolfe sits as he talks on the phone to an associate. Shiny hardwood floors, however, seem to have replaced carpeting for a definite improvement.

Jimmie in his kitchen Photo: Miramax
The kitchen now Photo: The Agency
Jules and Vincent compliment Jimmie’s coffee. Photo: Miramax


A similar situation today. Photo: The Agency
Jimmie and Wolfe prepare to hose down their bloody associates. Photo: Miramax


The backyard today. Photo: The Agency
Jimmie hopes they don’t have to use a sentimental quilt for cleaning purposes. Photo: Miramax
The bedroom today. Photo: The Agency


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