10 Tiny Frustrations Angelenos Put Up With on a Regular Basis

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Let me start out by saying I really do love living in Los Angeles,

That said, occasionally, there are those little things that get to me, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.


L.A. life is filled with tiny frustrations that we all face on a daily basis — and I mean more than just traffic and parking (although those are certainly among them).

I like to think that it’s how the scales balance — having 50-degree winters and basking in (mostly) daily sunshine don’t come for free, you know. Like any city, Los Angeles has its quirks, its perks, and its downsides. Hey, at least we don’t have to deal with the dreadful MTA like New Yorkers do or Midwestern freezing winters like Chicagoans do, am I right?

In any case, here are some of the tiny frustrations we Angelenos put up with on a daily basis.

Maybe if we call them out, they won’t seem quite as bad.

Traffic in L.A. on the 101
Typical day-time traffic on the 101 moving through DTLA. Credit: Brian Champlin / We Like L.A.

1. Traffic!

Of course this one is first! Traffic is a way of life in L.A. Need to go from Santa Monica to Burbank at rush hour? Good luck with that. Have to go from the Valley to Orange County? Talk about a road trip. It’s hard to beat rush hour — how is there traffic on the 101 at 11 p.m.? — but when you do, it’s the most glorious feeling. Beating traffic is truly a triumph.

2. Indecipherable Parking Signs

Simple street parking seems like such a rare thing in Los Angeles. It almost feels like pure luck if park on a street where the street signs have rules on merely one panel. If often leaves me wondering how on Earth are we supposed to figure out when to park, when to pay, when to leave, and what kind of permit you need?

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3. Lack Of Driving Etiquette: Turn Signals, Tailgating, Etc.

When I first moved to L.A., one of my (new) friends here warned me about this: Los Angeles drivers play fast and loose with turn signals. Some folks never signal. Some see that you’re signaling and they decide to speed up and beat you to the lane change. And then there are those drivers who decide that ride your tail so close and it makes you scared to break. Seriously, people — take a chill pill. I promise we’ll all get where we’re going eventually.

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4. Fellow Angelenos Who Don’t Know How to Park

Street parking can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s so great when it’s plentiful and free, but then there are those streets where the only spot you find is one that could be a spot if only the car in front of it would just move up. Instead, they took up two spots. And don’t get me started on that guy in the Ralph’s parking lot who parks their car spread across two spots. Come on!

Alternatively, there are some folks who just quite grasp the concept of parallel parking. Take this this driver for instance…


5. Dog Owners Who Fail To Curb Their Pups

I love dogs — they’re cute and fun and totally lovable. I don’t, however, love the droppings they used to leave behind outside of my old apartment. Everywhere. Of course, that wasn’t the dogs’ fault; dog owners are supposed to take of this, but some don’t. Harrumph.


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6. Since We’re Talking About Parking…. The Parking Lots At Trader Joe’s!

Angelenos love Trader Joe’s and you can tell by the craziness of every TJ’s parking lot. By the looks of it, you’d think that the market was giving away free stuff, but nope, that’s just how crazy for Trader Joe’s L.A. denizens are. You can either try your luck for a spot, park far away or in the street (if that’s an option), or just try to go shopping during an off-peak time.

Trader Joe's SIgn
Credit: Mike Mozart / Jeepers Media via flickr

7. The Musician Neighbor

L.A. has so many creative types living amongst each other, so it’s pretty natural that you might live by what feels like at least three musicians. Sometimes their attempts at music can bring you peace on a lazy afternoon. And then there’s that neighbor who can’t help but play with pulsing beats until two in the morning. Really, dude?

8. Dating Someone Who Lives Across Town

Anytime I hear a date tell me he lives in the Valley or on the other side of town, my heart immediate falls. Going forward, that’s going to feel a bit like a long-distance relationship. I know, we should all try crossing La Brea every once and a while, but I feel like you’ll know that person is super special if you’re willing to withstand all the traffic to get to them.

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9. The ‘FREE’ CD Scam In Hollywood

Like any big city, Los Angeles has its share of scams — and I don’t just mean that friend of yours who is always running a Kickstarter to fund a “film” (which never gets made). Pro-tip: Never accept a CD from anyone. It’s a scam and if you wind up taking one or even giving these folks your name, they will most likely demand a donation of $10 or more. Just keep walking.

10. Leaf Blowers

Yup, we have leaves in L.A., which means we also leaf-blowers, many of which are operated at ungodly hours of the A.M.

And I know I’m not the only that notices these things because the City of Los Angeles has a specific complaint line and an ordinance in place just for the noisy tools. FYI: The ordinance states, “No gas powered blower shall be used within 500 feet of a residence at anytime.” The city means business.

What are the ‘little things’ that annoy you the most about living in Los Angeles? Let us know in the comments below!


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