18 Things You Should’ve Read About L.A. This Week But Might Have Missed [10-4-2014]

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As you may have noticed, we moved this week’s rundown to Saturday morning, which should be it’s permanent slot for the foreseeable future. Just figured we might miss a few good content pieces that get pushed out on Fridays from some of the local news sites, so this way we’d be sure to capture them in this link list.

That said, there’s a lot going on this week/weekend that you might want to check out. Are you hitting up CicLAvia this weekend? Or checking out the pop-up cat cafe? How about the Mac n’ Cheese Invitational?


Make sure you read everything you should’ve already seen about L.A. this week below, and be sure drop your email to the list below if you’d like us to send you updates on happenings, ideas for stuff to do, and community events we’re planning for the We Like L.A. community.

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[Here’s last week’s rundown if you need to catch up on the last two weeks]

  1. An awesome exhibit of iconic Hollywood costumes just began this past Thursday at the Wilshire May Company [welikela.com]
  2. The pop-up cat cafe in Chinatown is now open for business, though only through the end of this weekend! [welikela.com]
  3. A Hello Kitty themed scavenger hunt just for L.A.? Yup, it’s a real thing, and here are the details [laist.com]
  4. You going to CicLAvia this weekend? Here’s everything you need to know [scpr.org]
  5. Looking for signs of civic progress? Here’s eight amazing changes on the way to the streets of L.A. [la.curbed.com]
  6. Ever wonder why all the skyscrapers in DTLA have flat roofs? Here’s why, and why that might change [laist.com]
  7. So how’s the public transit build-out progressing? Here’s the schedule of new L.A. rail line openings for the next 10 years [la.curbed.com]
  8. Looking to expand your garden but worried about the drought? Here’s 5 quick tips for planting during these epic dry spells [kcet.org]
  9. Quentin Tarantino on the New Beverly, “If people come, fine. If they don’t, fuck them” [laweekly.com]
  10. 24 of the best Halloween events going in L.A. this month [laist.com]
  11. Want to know what’s not on the list of above 24? It’s called the “ALONE Experience” and it might be the most terrifying thing you can do to yourself this October in L.A. [welikela.com]
  12. If you’re looking for a film fest to check out this month, try Highland Park’s [nbclosangeles.com]\
  13. Are you or someone you know about to have kids? Here’s the top 10 places in SoCal to raise a away (and two of the top three are in L.A. county) [welikela.com]
  14. Ever been to the historic Gamble House in Pasadena? Well you’ve never seen it quite like this [kcet.org]
  15. Need stuff to do in the valley? Here’s 15 things to put on your to-do list [laweekly.com]
  16. Governor Brown signs bill into law to phase-out plastic bag use from grocery stores [latimes.com]
  17. Did you know there is a Mac ‘n Cheese Invitational this weekend? Welp, you do now [eventbrite.com]
  18. Also this weekend, Vegan Oktoberfest! [laist.com]

This week’s featured photo comes from frequent #WeLikeLA Instgramer @pakohh, with a sweet HDR shot of Glendale. Keep up the great shots man!

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Thanks, and we’ll see you next week!


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