10 Amazing Videos That’ll Inspire You To Explore Los Angeles

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Sometimes you’re sitting there on the couch, it’s the weekend, you’re in your underwear snacking on last night’s dinner, and a fleeting thought floats by in the transom of your mind.

Deep down part of you knows there is probably more to life than watching reruns of Game of Thrones and eating leftover pizza, and you deserve to experience that part. Seriosuly, why not you? Maybe it’s just that you need a little… inspiration.


Well, consider this post your wake up call.

I would bet dollars to donuts that after you watch the below 10 videos you’ll be motivated to take life by the horns, go out, and explore the true beauty of Los Angeles (or, at the very least, you’ll feel an gnawing guilt in the pit of your stomach for not being more active).

Whether it’s heading out to the Getty, hiking up to Mt. Hollywood, or checking out a new neighborhood like the Arts District, there is something here to inspire anyone, whether tourist or life-long resident.

And of course once you’re feeling inspired,  I’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of our best articles with advice on things to do in L.A so as to help get your adventures started.

Enjoy the vids, enjoy the list, and enjoy Los Angeles! Cheers!

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Videos That Will Inspire You

Los Angeles in motion.



A perfect day at the Getty Center.



Incredible mural work in the Arts District.



The beauty of Long Beach.



Above L.A.




Jumping into pools at Malibu Creek St. Park



The Santa Monica pier coming to life.



Gorgeous views from the Hollywood Sign and surrounding area.



An evening in DTLA.



The east side of Los Angeles on a sunny day.




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